Transformational results sometimes call for unusual methods; a shift in perspective and approach. That’s where Adapt & Exceed can help your business achieve challenging goals.
We use the LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® method to challenge teams in different ways, for example:

• New Team Kick-off events:

Develop common approach and principles to work together

• Organisational Culture design:

Explore values and behaviours

• Sales Events:

Apply high energy problem solving and commitment to future growth

• Strategic Planning:

Develop the long-term future model of a business

All with LEGO ® . What’s not to love?


A method to facilitate meetings, team events and problem-solving sessions where participants build Individual 3D LEGO ® models to answer critical organisational questions. Through deeper exploration of each individual model, a group model will emerge.

The LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® method is ideal when:

The subject is complex or ambiguous with no obvious answer

You want an equal contribution from all participants

You need greater depth of insight and engagement

All participants need to retain a clear understanding to inform future decisions

Commitments must be made and delivered


Adapt & Exceed are certified experts in using the LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® method, harnessing its power to reinvent group facilitation; whether it’s solving today’s challenges or innovating a brighter future.

What you can expect from an Adapt & Exceed workshop:

• Feels like play:

The first reaction to LEGO ® is a smile! You will achieve a lot of work in a style that feels playful

• Respects every individual equally:

Everybody will start by building their own model in a way that is meaningful

• Promotes thinking differently and clearly:

The model can represent new insights and ideas that are difficult to put into words, and time is given to explore and reflect

• Common understanding at greater depth and meaning:

Faster communication and understanding through the 3D visualisation, metaphors and stories